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Donate £8 this 8 of March

The contributions of people like you make all this work is possible. We’re kindly asking you to donate £8 on Tuesday, March 8th. Your support will improve the lives of countless women and girls who are fleeing domestic violence. Your donation will help in creating a supportive environment for them to recover their confidence and independence.

Join LAWA’s mission and become a regular donor, and together we can empower migrant Latin American women in the UK who already are victims of various forms of violence. Now it’s time to join the cause and give a donation.

Why should you donate to LAWA?

LAWA has been working for the past 34 years to ensure that the women who come to our organisation seeking help do not become part of this tragic statistic. Despite the fact that refuge funding has decreased dramatically, violence has not. Several refuges have been forced to close their doors due to funding cuts, posing a serious threat and putting women’s lives in jeopardy. These women who are trying to break free from domestic violence, and sexual abusers are finding it increasingly difficult to find safe places to go. Migrant women face an even more difficult situation: vulnerability, limited English skills, and ignorance of their rights in a foreign country.

Our refuge is more than just a place to sleep: it’s a place of healing, hope, and new beginnings.