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About LAWA

LAWA was founded in 1988 by Latin American women who came as political refugees to the United Kingdom. For more than 30 years, LAWA has worked tirelessly to make this world a place where women and children are free from violence and oppression and can achieve their right to self-determination.

We offer holistic and intersectional services ranging from emergency refuge homes, advice and support, crèche, English classes, counselling, a Change Maker empowerment program, a housing policy project (WAHA) and children and young people´s services.


Working together with Latin American and other black and minoritised women and children to end gender-based violence and achieve self-determination.

Our principles
and values

As a by-and-for community-based women’s organisation, LAWA’s principles and values are at the core of the way we operate and how we support our service users. LAWA’s principles guide our work. They are general frameworks that inform our approach not only as an organisation but also as part of a wider movement and collective.  

Our principles: 

  • Trauma informed
  • Social justice
  • Intersectionality and Anti-racism
  • Communitarian and Black feminism
  • Sisterhood

Our values are:

  • Service User centred  
  • Collaboration 
  • Accountability 
  • Listening and understanding  
  • Adaptability to change 
  • Resourcefulness and Flexibility 
LAWA’s staff team

Our organization is led by and for Latin American, Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women. Each and every one of our workers, volunteers and board members represent the spirit of LAWA by committing to fulfilling our vision and mission.

Our team is compound of incredible women from different Latin American and other Black and Minoritised backgrounds and different professional fields. They have experience in areas such as Gender-based Violence advising, counselling, monitoring and evaluation, refuge management or community engagement, and by working together at LAWA, they provide support to over 1500 women per year.

LAWA is a Living Wage Employer accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. We consider the race and gender of our candidates as an occupational requirement in accordance with paragraph 1, Schedule 9 of the Equality Act 2010.

LAWA´s Board

LAWA’s Board of Trustees is made up of migrant and Latin American women who work in different sectors in the United Kingdom such as finance, marketing, and the charity sector. Each of the members brings unique values to the Board, making the staff not only our governing body but also an excellent support team for our daily activities.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee of LAWA please email a short cover letter and CV to [email protected], letting us know what LAWA’s values mean to you and what you hope to bring to the board. You do not need any formal qualifications to be on the board – your life experience could be just as rich and important.

Our Impact

Below we show you in figures the impact that we have on Latin American women and other ethnic minorities that we support:


said that it made a difference that the service was available in a Latin American/black and minority ethnic-led women’s


said that the advice provided helped them increase their knowledge about their rights, options, and services in the UK


said that our service made them feel confident to make decisions for themselves


said that our services made them feel more positive about the future


said they wouldn’t consider going back to their previous relationship


said that they felt heard and believed by the staff

Our Annual Reports

“I work with LAWA because it is my way of giving something back to the women of our community. Through this job I can contribute to prevent the domestic violence and advocate for the ones who have faced it.”
- LAWA´s worker
“For me, working at LAWA means to be in a safe space where we can feel empowered and where we can contribute to the community while supporting women that have faced challenging situations in today’s society.”
- LAWA´s worker