The Empowering Fund

You can save women´s and their children’s life when they are fleeing violence, and support them to regain the confidence to empower themselves after this traumatic experience.

Together, we can end violence against women and girls. Become a monthly partner of our work:

2 women are killed every week by their partner or ex-partner in the UK.

Women´s Aid

4 out of 5 Black minority ethnic women are rejected at generic refuges.


2 in 5 children (41%) in families where there is domestic abuse, have been living with that abuse since they were born.


On average, 11 women and girls are raped or sexually assaulted in each of London’s 32 boroughs every week (352 women in total every week)

Mayor of London Office

Why donate to LAWA?

In the last 30 years, LAWA has been fighting to make sure that women who come to our organization in search of support do not become part of that tragic statistic.

While funding for refuges has drastically decreased, violence has not. Due to public cuts, several refuges have been forced to close their doors, causing a strong threat and putting the lives of women at risk. These women who are trying to free themselves from the patterns of violence, moving away from child molesters and sex offenders, have fewer and fewer safe places to go to. Migrant women face even a worse situation: vulnerability, poor handling of the English language, and ignorance of their rights in another country.

Our refuge is more than a roof; it’s a place of healing, hope, and new beginnings.