We are a dedicated free support service and the only refuge provider in the UK and Europe for Latin American, Black and minority ethnic women and children experiencing, or recovering from, domestic violence. We welcome women from any background, ethnicity, sexuality or ability, including trans* women.

How LAWA makes a difference

One in four women in the UK experiences domestic violence, with an average of two women a week killed by their partner or ex-partner. Women from ethnic minorities face specific challenges to accessing support, which means they are 40% more likely than white British women to stay with an abusive partner for five years or more. Latin American Women’s Aid has a vision to end this violence against women and children, and we are making a difference.

  • 98% of our service users believed our support made a positive difference to their lives.
  • 85% of women who used our advice services state that they would not have been able to exit their violent relationships had it not been for LAWA’s support.
  • 65% of our service users were not confident to get help from mainstream support services prior to accessing LAWA support.
  • 122 statutory and voluntary agencies we have worked with since 2014 stated that they would have struggled to support Latin American women without LAWA’s intervention.

Our free advice services and refuge offers support and choice to women at risk of, experiencing and recovering from violence.