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LAWA’S Change Maker Toolkit

LAWA’s Change Maker Programme is a safe space for personal and collective self-discovery run by and for Latin American migrant women and LGTBTQ+ women living in the United Kingdom.

In it’s foundational 5 years, it was comprised by modules of 12 workshops (and some adaptations) where participants were encouraged to share common experiences in order to break the isolation produced by migration, to acquire new knowledge to be able to reimagine themselves, and to have an active role in the struggles in which they are involved.

This toolkit is an open book and an archive of the concepts discussed, methods used and lessons learned within the programme. It is a testament of the journey of the women who took part, and a legacy for those who will be taking part in future iterations of this work. Mostly, it is an invitation to reflect, understand ourselves and make the necessary (but often forgotten) connections between personal and collective change.

We invite you to download and use our resource as you see fit, but we do ask you to do so respecting our collectively produced knowledge base. So please, complete the brief form you find below, and let us know how you plan to use the resource. We would love to hear from you.

This work is copyright protected and at LAWA we stand strongly opposed to appropriation. So please bear this in mind if / when you decide to use this resource.