Volunteer with LAWA and make a difference while you gain skills and experience.

We often rely on the goodwill of dedicated individuals to continue Latin American Women’s Aid’s fight against domestic violence and gender-based violence. So, gather your momentum and be part of a movement and voice to empower and strengthen Latin American, and Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Black and ethnic minority, women!

Your support will make a huge difference. If you are interested in applying, please read the following and download the application form.

Who can volunteer?

We’re always on the lookout for positive, energetic people. We are led by and for Latin American women. We are  mostly seeking Latin American women to come and join our volunteering programme, however we do not discount the passion and skills others can also bring to our organisation, so it would be worth contacting us with any enquiries.

Overall, we cater to a variety of skills, but also seek specific skill-sets to accommodate certain roles. We ask that women speak English and for some posts Spanish and/or Portuguese.

What do we offer volunteers?

At LAWA, our volunteer programme has three main objectives; to benefit our service users, to benefit our volunteers and to benefit our organisation.

We provide our volunteers various opportunities to improve job prospects by working to enhance their skills-base, networking and knowledge. As a community-based organisation there is also the opportunity to make new friends or give something back to your community through volunteering. Our goal is to develop your skills and contribute towards the recognition of your skills and experience.

References can also be provided on request.

What to expect?

For most volunteer posts you will work alongside a ‘link worker’ from the organisation who will teach and guide you. However, as your skills and confidence develop we expect more independent work from our volunteers.

We will also support you with periodic supervision, social events and workshops, as well as reimbursing your transport and lunch expenses.

What do we expect from volunteers?

A commitment to LAWA’s values and principles and a commitment to work for the time period specified by each volunteering role.

How much time do I need to commit?

The schedule for each role will be specified.

How to get started?

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the application form below

Volunteer application form

Volunteer application form

This form is confidential and all statistics are treated for monitoring and evaluating purposes only.

Personal details

Leave blank if this does not apply

Reasons for aplying

Use this space to describe the reasons you are interested in volunteering. For instance: Are you looking for work experience? Would you like to develop other skills? Please also tell us how you know about LAWA.

Skills, knowledge and experience

Please use this section to explain the skills, knowledge and experience that you think might be relevant. Remember to include any relevant voluntary work, involvement with women's, community or voluntary organisations, and life experience as well as your present or previous employment.

Preferred areas

Are there any particular aspects or areas that you would like to learn about or get involved with through volunteering?


Please list the dates, institutions, grade/level obtained and subject.

Work experience

Please describe briefly any work experience you have (paid or unpaid):
Please include the job title, responsibilities, organisation, country and start/end dates.


IT skills


What is your minimum and maximum availability? Please note we ideally ask for a minimum of 3 months.

Current employment situation


How did you hear about LAWA?