Free, safe and friendly crèche service for children.

When: Runs alongside our other support services
Where: LAWA office
To book a place use the contact details below

In order to increase the access to our services for mothers with dependent children, we provide free crèche services in our designated children’s room. Our crèche services not only to provide professional supervision in a caring environment, but also facilitate an enjoyable learning space for children, by organising fun educational activities.

We ensure that our crèche service always maintains the required staff to children ratio,  complying with all health and safety guidelines.

Should you need our crèche services when you come to visit us, simply contact us and book a space beforehand, using the details below.

mobile  Call 0207 275 0321

mobile  Send us a text message or call on 0753 442 4826 or 0746 219 1700

mail_ru  Email

225-Speech-bubbles-chat-symbol  Click on the Live Chat button to speak online to a staff member now or leave a message.