If you are looking for more information and support, here are links to organisations that might be able to help or share advice. Click on the name to go to each website.

General Resources

0808 2000 247 – Freephone 24hr National Domestic Violence Helpline (you can ask for an interpreter in your first language)

020 7733 0471 – Telefono de la Esperanza, a free counselling service via phone.

0800 1111 – Childline, free and confidential helpline for children and young people.

020 7186 8270 / 0800 970 2070 – National Centre for Domestic Violence 

Brazilian Association in the UK – 020 8961 3377 / 07872665034
Legal advice, counselling, translation, information on entering the job market.

Carila (Latin American Welfare Group) – 020 7561 1931
Helpline, interpreting, cultural activities, Spanish classes for children etc.

Casa do Brasil – 020 7328 7988
Legal advice, counselling, support with opening bank accounts.

Casa Latina – 020 7372 8653
Legal advice, nursery, learning centre and community activities.

Latin American Women’s Rights (LAWRS) – 0844 264 0682
General benefit advice, counselling, money and debt management etc.

BAN (Black & Minority Ethnic Advice Network) – 0300 777 0107
Network of advice services for London’s migrant and refugee communities.

Women’s Aid Survivors Handbook – Survivor’s handpack from Women’s Aid in English.

Rape Crisis UK
Offers support and advice for anyone who is experiencing, or has experienced, or is worried about sexual violence.

The Hideout
For young survivors of domestic violence.

Solace Women’s Aid – 0808 802 5565
Independent women’s charity working across London with specialised services in each borough, providing advice and personalised support.

National Stalking Helpline – 0808 802 0300
Providing guidance on reporting to the police, matters of law, gathering evidence in relation to stalking and advice on practical steps to reduce risk.

Ashiana Network – 020 8539 0427
Specialising in helping BME women, at risk of domestic and sexual violence, through counselling, educational programmes etc. Refuge available.

London Black Women’s Project (Newham Asian Womens’ Project) – 020 8472 0528

IMKAAN – 020 7842 8525
Black feminist organisation dedicated to addressing violence against women and girls.

Una voz de ayuda
Offering help, guidance and a space for safe speaking to promote the well-being of the Spanish speaking community.

My Body Back
Working with women who have experienced sexual violence, promoting empowerment.

Area-specific Directory:


Latin American Disabled People’s Project – 020 7793 8399 / 0800 141 2287 (freephone)
For disabled Spanish and Portuguese speaking people, including support for mental health.

Domestic Violence Intervention Project – 020 8748 2577
General domestic violence support for women; runs a violence prevention programme for men. Includes arabic speaking support (020 7593 0027)

Adult Social Care / Children and Young People’s Service (Brixton) – 020 7926 5555

Families Information Services (Brixton) – 020 7926 9558

Stockwell Partnership – 020 7793 7730
Local charity run by and for local people, supporting residents and creating community.

Lambeth Mediation Service – 020 8678 6046
Independent mediation services for Lambeth residents/tenants in dispute with neighbours over issues including noise, rubbish, animals etc.

Lambeth Safer Streets Team – 020 7501 0601
For rough sleepers and people involved in unsafe street activity, providing accommodation support and outreach 7 days a week.

Emmaus Lambeth – 020 8761 4276
Homeless charity providing a home, work and a sense of belonging to those in need.

First Step Trust (FST) Lambeth – 020 8761 0776
Running social enterprises and work opportunities for those excluded from work due to mental health issues, drug and alcohol recovery problems, history of offending etc.

Railton Road Centre (Lambeth Peer Support Network) – 020 7737 2888
Helping those with mental health needs to advance in education, employment and wellbeing.

Waterloo Community Counselling – 020 7928 3462
Providing individual, group and couple counselling for members of black and minority ethnic communities.

Guernsey Grove Community Association – 020 8671 7897
For African, Caribbean and British individuals over 65, providing support and companionship.

Lambeth Asian Centre (Woodlands Centre) – 020 8769 5922
Running drop-in sessions every Wednesday 1-4pm, providing practical and emotional support.

Lambeth Chinese Community Association – 020 7733 4377
Services include Tuesday lunch club, Saturday club and Mandarin classes for children.

Lambeth Somali Community Association – 020 7738 6372
Offering advice on housing, welfare rights, immigration, health, employment and training for the Somali community; with translation/interpreting service and home visits.

Refuge – 020 7733 8724 (Gaia Centre Lambeth)
Confidential support, counselling and rights advice for women and children escaping domestic violence.

GAIA Centre – 020 7733 8724 /  0800 2000 247 (Freephone 24hr Domestic Violence helpline)
Supporting victims of all types of gender violence, including trafficking, prostitution, female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriage etc.

Africa Advocacy Foundation – 020 8698 4473
Working with BME individuals and communities affected by violence against women and girls, FGM, mental, physical, and sexual health issues, through training, advocacy and practical support.

ASHA – 020 8696 0023
Offering secure, temporary accommodation for South Asian women and children fleeing violence, providing private and family-sized rooms.

The Beth Centre – 020 7359 6674
Full-time case management workers who specialise in substance misuse, release from prison, mental health, exiting prostitution, providing support and family matters.

Lambeth Victim Support – 020 7801 1777
Emotional and practical help for those affected by crime in South London.

RASASC (Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre) – 020 8683 3311
Independent organisation providing free and confidential support to survivors of sexual violence through counselling, group therapy, support groups.

Rights of Women – 020 7251 6575
Providing women with legal advice and information needed to understand the law and their legal rights.

Signhealth (DeafHope) – 020 8772 3241 / 07970 350366 (Text)
The UK’s only sign-language based service to help deaf women and children suffering from domestic abuse.


Afro-Asian Advisory Service – 0845 618 5385 / 020 7701 0141 (Advice line)
Free advice and representation on issues regarding immigration, asylum law etc.

Advising London – 020 3752 5520
Generalist service for Southwark residents and neighbouring boroughs. Includes drop-ins, Spanish-speaking and other multi-lingual appointments.

Faces in Focus – 020 7403 2444
Young people’s (11-25) counselling service regarding housing, education, health, stress etc.

IRMO (IndoAmerican Refugee and Migration Organisation) – 020 7733 9977 / 07736160265
Advice, support and advocacy for people of IndoAmerican origin.

Southwark CAB Services – 0844 499 4134 / 0344 499 4134 (Telephone advice)
Impartial and confidential free support on key issues of debts, housing, employment to bring about positive change in people’s lives.


Cranstoun – 020 7923 8010
Helping to rebuild lives and communities affected by alcohol and drugs, through support and a range of services tailored to different concerns. Active throughout London.

Finsbury Park Homeless Families Project – 020 8802 7426
Providing facilites to improve the lives of homeless families.

ICAP (Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy) – 020 7272 7906
Counselling and therapy to help individuals heal their lives and deal with trauma, depression and risk of suicide.

Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre – 020 7388 8198
Helping the Asian community in North London through advice on domestic violence, employment, housing and rights.

Women’s Therapy Centre – 020 7263 7860
Offering individual and group psychotherapy to women of all backgrounds, immigrant status, sexual orientation, disability.

The Maya Centre – 020 7281 8970
Long term counselling and psychological support  in a safe space, for women who may have experienced any form of trauma.

Women in Prison – 020 7359 6674
Supporting women in surviving and exiting the criminal justice system.

Islington BME Forum (Every Voice) – 020 7832 5818
Promoting a stronger, united and influential BME community, open to all members who want to support the BME sector and race equality.

Islington MIND – 020 7263 3397 /  020 7272 6936
Running regular drop-in sessions and activities for those looking for a safe, relaxed space.

The Muslim Youth Helpline – 020 7435 8171 / 0808 808 2008
Freephone confidential support, via phone and email, for young people in need of culturally and faith-sensitive support.

NAFSIYAT – 020 7263 6947
Intercultural psychotherapy and counselling for individual and family sessions.

Renaisi – 020 7033 2636
Support for local communities with employment, neighbourhood improvement, community engagement and support for migrant communities.


NIA (Hackney Women’s Aid) – 020 7683 1270
Providing services for women, children and young people who have experienced male violence, advice and empowerment.

The Havens – 020 3299 1599 / 020 3299 6900 (Emergency line open 24/7)
Help for those sexually assaulted in the last 12 months.

Women and Girls Network – 080 8801 0660
Promoting, preserving and restoring the mental health and wellbeing of woman and girls for empowerment and recovery.

Women’s Trust – 020 7034 0303
Helping women affected by domestic violence, through counselling, workshops and support groups.

Hackney Migrant Centre – 07504332706
Free advice for asylum seekers, refugees and recent migrants.

Praxis Community Projects –  020 7729 7985
Providing advice, training, support and advocacy for migrants in London.

Ackee Housing Project – 020 7254 5159
Provides temporary shared accommodation and support for young single black women aged 17-25, supporting in all aspects of life skills.

Refugee Women’s Association – 020 7923 2412
Help and guidance for refugee women in all aspects of life, promoting community and network.

ELATT – 0800 0420 184
Education, employment and training in IT, Business etc., assistance provided in Spanish.

Diaspora Support Network –  07957512941
Supporting the resettlement of migrants.