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Rape Crisis England & Wales’ survey

If you have a moment, please take part in this survey, which will help Rape Crisis England & Wales to develop new online services to improve their support for survivors or rape and sexual abuse.

The survey is anonymous.

The online survey is an opportunity for women to have a say about what they want to see created. The survey is open until 30th June and will also be available in Polish, Punjabi (Pakistani form), French and Hindi very shortly.

Take part by clicking here!

VAWG costs society £40 billion annually

The Women’s Budget Group has published a briefing with key facts about violence against women and girls, as well as key policy issues impacting this problem.

Some of the facts and figures on the report:

  • It is estimated that up to 3 million women experience domestic violence each year and 450,000 women are victims of sexual violence annually.
  • The total costs of VAWG to society are estimated at £40bn annually.
  • The government’s VAWG strategy recognises the scale of the problem, but is not backed with sufficient funding for either victims’ services or preventive interventions to reduce the incidence of VAWG in the longer term.
  • WBG calls on the government to put in place ongoing funding for VAWG services that is adequate to meeting needs of victims and allows for investment in preventive measures, such as Sex and Relationships Education in schools.

You can download the full briefing here.