What is Online Abuse?

Tomorrow, LAWA’s VAWG Coordinator Victoria Gutierrez will be at the Colombian Consulate (London) from 6pm to talk about online abuse.

The event is free to attend and is part of a cycle of talks given by Latin American organisations in London.

Some of the points Victoria will talk about:

  • What is online abuse and how to recognise it
  • What does the law say about it?
  • How to protect yourself

Please see the poster below for more details!


Join our crowdfunding campaign!

Today we kick start our first ever crowdfunding campaign! We are joining forces with the Global Giving platform to raise funds that will be used to improve the lives of the children living in our refuge.



We have a little over a month to raise £5,000, and we need your help!

1. DONATE! : ) Definitely the most important thing. Donations start from £10, and all donations mean a lot. We need to raise at least £2500 but we also need this money to come from at least 50 DIFFERENT PEOPLE

2. Tell your friends: let your friends, colleagues and family know about this. We can take donations from people from all over the world, as the system accepts Paypal. Send emails, post on social media, and ask them to do right away! IF WE RAISE £1500 DURING THE FIRST WEEK, WE ARE MORE LIKELY TO REACH OUR TARGET

3. Go to our Facebook page every single day starting Monday and like/comment/share our crowdfunding-related publications. Our beloved Facebook doesn’t really show our posts to everyone that follow us, but the more interaction we have, the more likely the post will be seen by more people. So, like like like!!!


From Berlin LAWA joins the #StepUpWave Campaign


From Berlin, LAWA is joining voices with European feminists in this continent and everywhere… with#StepUpWave to demand the U.K. Government to ratify the Istanbul Convention

We chose to highlight Article 23 –on Shelters

Which reads: “Parties shall take the necessary legislative or other measures to provide for the setting‐up of appropriate, easily accessible shelters in sufficient numbers to provide safe accommodation for and to reach out pro‐actively to victims, especially women and their children”.

… And for us THAT includes.. specifically…:

Rin-fencing funding for shelters for Women of Colour
.. Because there are only 96 beds paces in London in refuges *led* by and *for* women of colour


Latin American women and Brexit: What will happen to them now?


On the 27th of June, the day after the Brexit result, the phones rang off the hook at the Latin American Women’s Aid (LAWA) offices.

We received calls from Latin American women, with European passports, residing in the United Kingdom asking questions about Brexit such as: What is going to happen to us now? What does this mean? Are we going to lose our rights? And will we have to leave the country as soon as possible?

Britain’s exit from the European Union has dealt a great blow to the immigration and residence status of Latin American women who have a European passport, as they do not have guaranteed permanent residence.

LAWA contributed to THE PRISMAS special edition on Brexit with an article on this uncertain issue. If you would like to read it, please visit THE PRISMAS website:

If you would like to share your story and tell us how Brexit has affected you, contact us!