We work tirelessly to create a world in which all women and children are free from violence and oppression, able to confidently achieve self-determination.

With an estimated population of 250,000 Latin Americans across the UK ( according to the latest research Towards visibility: the Latin American community in London), Latin American women and their children in violent relationships can face specific challenges to getting support. We work holistically with each woman, understanding the individual and how we can work together to achieve self-determination. We are an inclusive, non-discriminatory organisation and welcome lesbian, bisexual and transgender women.

Our mission

Latin American and other Spanish /Portuguese speaking Black and minority ethnic women and their children working together to end violence and achieve self-determination.

Our goals

  1. Actively advocate for gender equality and promote women’s rights
  2. Help women to recognise when they are affected by domestic violence and identify the dynamics of abuse
  3. Empower women to become independent and take control of their own lives
  4. Support children in overcoming the trauma of the abuse they witnessed/experienced and prevent long term mental health damage
  5. Provide practical and emotional support that women and children from ethnic minority backgrounds require to exit a violent home, helping them overcome their additional barriers to safety such as language, insufficient knowledge of UK systems and fear of the UK authorities 
  6. Be a gateway towards integration by encouraging women to become active members of the community
  7. Increase awareness in the wider community of issues faced by women and children from ethnic minority communities
  8. Involve service users in the continuous development of our services

You can join us us in turning our vision into action by donating to our life-saving work or volunteering with us.